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Key Combinations for Non-ISO Latin 1 and 2 Character Entities
You can map keys so that you can use keystrokes to insert character entities rather than inserting them from the toolbar. Arbortext Editor includes keyboard shortcuts for ISO 8859-1 and 8859-2 characters. To create keyboard shortcuts for other character sets, perform the following steps:
1. Create an emapname.acl file, where emapname is a file name you choose (for instance, russent.acl for Russian character entities).
2. Populate the emapname.acl file with map commands for each character. For example,
map Alt+Shift+a ie entityname
map Alt+Shift+b ie entityname
map Alt+Shift+c ie entityname
where entityname is the actual character entity name. All character entity names can be found in the file in the lib directory of Arbortext-path.
3. Execute the commands in the emapname.acl file when you start Arbortext Editor.
a. Create a text file (you could call it pubrc.acl) containing the following line:
source user-path\emapname.acl
b. Set the APTRC environment variable to point to the file you created.
set APTRC=user-path\filename
user-path\filename is the drive, full path, and file name containing the source command.