Administration > Environment Variables > PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE — Specifying the License Source
PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE — Specifying the License Source
The PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE environment variable stores the location of the license sources. Arbortext products can use either a node-locked license or a floating license.
A node-locked license allows Arbortext products to run only on authorized computers. License files are generated from a Host ID code unique to each system. The PTC licensing web site accepts the Host ID code and generates a license for the specified software.
A floating licenses consist of a specific number of product licenses which are made available to anyone on a network, up to the total number of licenses available. If a license is available, the user is allowed to run the application.
If you need to update the value of PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE, you will need administrator privileges.
For a node-locked license file, enter the license file path. You can Browse to the location.
For a single floating license server, enter the license server port@servername information, for example, 6789@aberdeen.
For a triad server configuration, enter:
For example:
For a combination of node-locked and floating licenses, you would enter both the license file path and the port and server name. Note that each type of license option is separated by a semicolon );). For example:
C:\User Data\All Users\Application Data\Arbortext\