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Save As Merged Stylesheet Dialog Box
The Save As Merged Stylesheet dialog box opens when you choose File > Save As Merged Stylesheet. Note that the menu option is only available if modules of the current stylesheet in the module hierarchy. Use this dialog box to merge all the stylesheets in your module hierarchy into a single stylesheet. With this action Arbortext Styler merges all the modules currently in the stylesheet, deletes duplicate definitions, and removes all module-related structures. The merged stylesheet is automatically saved with a .style extension.
This dialog box contains the following options:
File name - Specifies the path and file name for the stylesheet. You can edit this field directly, or use the Browse or Use For buttons to modify it. If you do not have write permission for the location in which the modularized stylesheet was previously saved, Arbortext Styler proposes a path that combines the previous file name with the path to the current document directory.
Browse - Opens the Save as Merged Stylesheet explorer dialog box, in which you can navigate to the directory to which to save the merged stylesheet.
Use for - Opens the Use Stylesheet For dialog box, in which you can elect to save your stylesheet as the default Arbortext Editor stylesheet for specific documents. The selection you make in this field determines the path and file name of the stylesheet.
Title - Enables you to provide a short description of the stylesheet module that displays in the Select Stylesheet dialog box, the dialog boxes associated with the publishing types you select, and similar locations. If you do not provide a description, the description of the root module appears instead, with the string (Merged) appended.
Publishing types - Specifies the output formats for which you can use the merged stylesheet.