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Creating Output Sets in the Outputs to Edit List
You can create sets of outputs in the Outputs to edit list, where you can add multiple output types to a single set. You can then use a single click to specify that a property assigned to an element should apply in the output types declared in the set.
You can only apply properties on the Gentext tab to one use at a time. Therefore, if you select a combined entry from the Outputs to edit list, the options on the Gentext tab will be unavailable.
To create an output set in the Outputs to edit list:
1. In the Arbortext Styler window, click on the down arrow to the right of the Outputs to edit field, and select <Edit this list>.
2. In the Edit Uses List dialog box that opens, navigate to the Uses list and highlight the output formats that you wish to add to the output set. Use the CTRL key to select multiple outputs - for example, press CTRL and click EPUB, Arbortext Editor, and RTF from the list.
3. Click Add to add the combined entry to the Preview of “Outputs to edit” list field. The set is added to the list, with the members of the set listed in alphabetical order.
4. In the Preview of “Outputs to edit” list field, note that there is now an entry named EPUB Arbortext Editor, RTF.
5. If you want to remove an entry from the Preview of “Outputs to edit” list field, select the entry and click Remove.
When you choose to remove a combined entry, it is deleted.
6. Click OK to save the set and exit the dialog box.
7. Navigate to the Outputs to edit field in the Arbortext Styler window and click the down arrow. Note that the output set EPUB, Arbortext Editor, RTF is now available. Select this entry when you want to give an element a property that should apply in all three outputs in the set, but not others.