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Cut, Copy, and Paste Overview
Arbortext Styler enables you to cut, copy, and paste the following stylesheet components from their respective list views in the Arbortext Styler UI:
Property sets
Page sets
Headers and footers
Tables of contents
Custom tables
Cross references
It is also possible to copy sets of formatting properties for use with another object.
Except for formatting properties, cutting, copying, and pasting these components is supported through operations on the Edit menu, associated keyboard shortcuts, toolbar buttons, and the shortcut menu. For formatting properties, cut, copy, paste and delete is supported through operations on the Edit > Properties menu.
If you have multiple Arbortext Styler sessions running, you can cut, copy, and paste between different sessions. You can also cut or copy a component in an Arbortext Styler session, close the application, start a new Arbortext Styler session and paste the component into the stylesheet active in the new session.