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Division Reference Dialog Box
The Division Reference dialog box displays when you carry out one of the following actions:
Select Insert > Division Reference in the Generated Text Editor for a header or footer object.
Elect to modify an existing division reference by highlighting a DivisionReference element in the Generated Text Editor and selecting the Edit > Modify Attributes menu option.
It allows you to insert or modify a reference to a division title in a header or footer.
The Division Reference dialog box contains the following options:
All divisions - Provides a list of all elements styled as Division in your stylesheet. You can select one or more divisions, included nested levels of division, from this list.
Selection criteria - Specify the occurrence of the division whose content you want to enter in the header or footer. Choose from First division started on the page or Last division started on the page.
Cross reference format - Provides a list of cross reference objects configured for your stylesheet. Select the object that defines the formatting you want to apply to the reference.