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Move to Module Dialog Box
The Move to Module dialog box opens when you select the File > Move to Module menu option. It enables you to move the selected stylesheet components to an existing module in the stylesheet's module hierarchy.
The following stylesheet components are considered mergeable definitions and can be moved between modules:
Property sets
Page sets
Page types
Page regions
Generated contents objects
Table of contents format objects
Cross reference objects
Custom table objects
Size definitions
Combined font definitions
The Move to Module dialog box contains the following option:
Move selected definition to - Enables you to select a module in the module hierarchy of current stylesheet as the target to which to move the selected definitions. Read-only modules have a lock icon over their regular icon The read only module icon - a yellow box overlaid with a yellow lock icon and the title text grayed out. You cannot move definitions to read-only modules.
The position of a module in the module hierarchy determines its precedence in the hierarchy. Mergeable definitions in nodes higher in the hierarchy override identically named definitions that are lower in the hierarchy.