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Index Details Dialog Box
The Index Details dialog box displays when you apply the Index style to an element, edit the style details of an element already styled as Index, or edit an index inserted in generated text. It provides the options for you to define the parameters and format of your index, when it is displayed in your document.
The Index Details dialog box contains the following options:
Index - Defines the index definition object that will be used to provide the scope and styling of the index. Select from the list of index definition objects configured for the stylesheet.
The index definition object controls the scope and formatting of an index associated with it. It also defines the index terms to be included in the index - the index will include any index terms associated with the index definition object.
Language - Defines the language used to sort the index.
Pick an explicit language from the list or select (Document language) to use the language that has been assessed in the source document for the location the index is inserted, based on the language settings in the stylesheet. Refer to Language Settings for information on stylesheet language.
The environment variable APTIXLANG has no effect when a .style file is in use. The language must be set in the .style file. See the Arbortext Editor online help for more information on APTIXLANG.
Advanced Parameters (FOSI and XSL-FO only) - Allows you to enter parameters that can be passed for processing for indexes based on FOSI and XSL-FO code. The parameters should be entered using the same syntax and semantics as those used in the equivalent useparam attribute of usetext in a FOSI document, in Arbortext Editor.
This option is not available for documents created via an PTC ALD template.
Go to - opens the selected index definition object in the Indexes list.