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Inserting Markup in Generated Text
You can insert markup in generated text.
Generated text includes that produced within header and footer objects. Refer to Adding Headers and Footers to a Page Set for information on adding headers and footers to your documents.
Example: Inserting Markup in Generated Text
The procedure below describes how to include markup that will format the generated text in a book title in an italic style.
1. In Arbortext Editor, open the transport.xml document located at Arbortext-path/samples/styler
2. Choose Styler > Edit Stylesheet to open the stylesheet currently associated with the document for edit. This is a read only stylesheet so you will need to save a local copy if you want to make amendments.
3. In the Elements list, select the title in book context.
4. Go to the Generated text category.
5. Click the Edit button next to the Before-text field. The Generated Text Editor opens.
6. In the Generated Text Editor, choose the Insert > Markup menu option. The Insert Markup dialog box opens.
7. Select emphasis from the available list, then click Insert.
8. Click Close to exit the dialog box. The Generated Text Editor now contains a single emphasis element.
9. With your cursor inside the emphasis tag, type Book. After the emphasis tag, add a colon and a space.
This is an image of the Generated Text Editor for the title in book context, showing the text “Book” wrapped in an emphasis tag, followed by a colon and a space
10. Choose File > Apply and Close to save the generated text setting and exit the editor. The Before-text field now contains details of your generated text setting:
This is an image of the Before-text field for the title in book context, showing the markup <_dtd:emphasis>Book</_dtd:emphasis>:
11. Choose Preview > Print.
In the Print Preview window, note that the italicized word Book plus a colon displays before the book title. The markup retains the style specified for the emphasis element in your stylesheet, so if you change the emphasis tag to set the role attribute to bold, the word Book will display as bold.