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With Property Sets
You can create Before-text and After-text generated text for property sets. A generated text setting can be maintained in a single location and can be applied to any number of elements, contexts, or conditions with a single click for each.
The following limitations apply to the support for generated text for property sets:
Numbering and bullets are not available.
You cannot configure repeating titles.
Insert > Cross Reference, Insert > Element Number, and Insert > Element Label and Number are not available in the Generated Text Editor.
With the exception of PTC ALD source, property set edited source will not contain generated text.
Element and context edited source that contains generated text originating from a property set will not reflect changes made in the generated text after the edited source was created.
This does not apply for PTC ALD source edits.
Generated text is resolved as a single property, with explicit generated text settings taking precedence over that applied to the same context with a property set. If there is generated text defined for a context, any generated text in referenced property sets will not be included.