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Justifying Columns in a Page Set
Justified columns align along the top and bottom of a page. When you define justified columns, you must also specify variable spacing for the elements within the page set. Arbortext Styler applies the variable spacing to elements associated with the page set to justify the content, by distributing the extra space within these elements to make the content fill the page
Use the following settings to justify the columns in a page set:
In the Columns category for the page set:
Select the Balance columns option to evenly distribute content among the columns on the page when the content does not fill the entire page.
Select Justified in the Vertical justification field to align content at both the top and bottom of a column.
In the Spacing category for elements such as paragraphs in the page set:
In the Allow space to vary (Print/PDF only) groups, add the necessary values in the Minimum and Maximum fields.
If a column doesn't justify, you may need to specify a larger value in the Maximum field to add more variable space. However, if the content in the last column on a page fills less than half the column, Arbortext Editor will not justify the content, even if you have selected Justified and specified variable spacing.