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Default DITA Stylesheets
Arbortext Editor provides a default stylesheet for all of the distributed DITA document types. The Technical Information Application also provides a single stylesheet for all its DITA document types. The location of the relevant .style file is specified in the .dcf file for each document type. The default stylesheets are provided in both modular and merged formats:
The modularized version of the stylesheets are located in the following directory locations:
DITA document types:
Its file name is ditabase.style
Technical Information Application:
Its filename is techinfo.style
The stylesheet modules that were used to develop the merged stylesheets are in the following location:
DITA document types:
The top level module of the stylesheet is dita.style
Technical Information Application:
The top level module of the stylesheet is techinfo.style
You can use the default stylesheet to publish your DITA documents or use it as the basis for developing your own enhanced or custom stylesheets. It is recommended that you use the individual DITA stylesheet modules when doing your own stylesheet development, as that provides the greatest flexibility. Use the File > Modules menu option in Arbortext Styler to manage modules in your stylesheet. Once you have completed your stylesheet development, use the File > Save as Merged Stylesheet feature to save your stylesheet as a merged stylesheet. Using a merged stylesheet improves performance.
Some of the elements in the default stylesheet contain source edits, so cannot be modified through the Arbortext Styler user interface. Please refer to Identifying Items that have Edited Source for details of how to ascertain if an element includes source edits.