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Adding Headers and Footers to a Page Set
Headers and footers are particular types of page region. You can configure the page region as a header or footer by specifying its position on a page. You must then assign the page region to a page type (page layout). Page sets then reference page types to provide their page layout. Arbortext Styler provides several options for selecting the page types to be used for the pages in the page set, depending on whether the page set is single- or double-sided.
Refer to Creating a Header or Footer for an example of how to create header and footers for the first and body pages of a single sided page set. The example describes how to create text based header and footers. You can also include graphics in headers and footer regions. Please refer to Adding Content to a Header or Footer for further information.
Page set headers and footers that appear as declarations within a page set definition will be transformed into individual objects in the Generated ContentThe Generated Contents list icon - a page of horizontal lines outlined with a red box list when a stylesheet is updated from a pre-6.0 version of Arbortext Styler.