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Field Dialog Box
The Field dialog box let you specify the characteristics of one or more Word fields to be exported with the selected context. Refer to Publishing Word Fields, Instructions, and Switches for information on fields, instructions, and switches.
The Field dialog box has the following controls:
Field Name - A list of supported Word fields from which you select the field to export. Note that certain fields may export values that may replace the context content.
Field Description - A summary of the selected field's operation in the exported document.
Field Instructions and Switches area - A listing of the instructions and switches associated with the selected field
Use - When checked, the switch or instruction (and associated value) will be included as part of the exported field. Unchecking an instruction or switch removes any displayed value and specifies the switch or instruction is not to be included as part of the exported field. Instructions required to be exported cannot be unchecked.
Type - The switch name or instruction type. Simple switches are single characters preceded with a backslash. Value switches are single characters preceded with a backslash followed by Instructions of the following types: STRING, BOOKMARK, FILENAME, VARIABLE NAME, EXPRESSION, INDEXENTRY 1, INDEXENTRY 2, and INDEXENTRY 3.
Value - The switch or instruction value. Press F2 to edit an instruction value directly. Choose Edit Value to use the Generated Text Editor to edit the value. Using either method to delete the entire value will uncheck the switch or instruction.
Description - A summary of the switch or instruction.
Value - The value of the selected instruction or switch.
Edit Value - Opens the Generated Text Editor with which you can insert text, graphics, symbols, and so on before the context content.
Delete Field - Removes all field exporting related to the selected context.
OK - Closes the dialog box, committing any field changes.
Cancel - Closes the dialog box without committing any field changes.
Help - Displays this help topic.