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Overview of Publishing to RTF
The export capabilities of Arbortext Import/Export let you use Arbortext Styler to create Export stylesheets, preview RTF versions of XML documents and publish XML documents as RTF files. The published RTF documents can be opened in any application supporting RTF files, such as FrameMaker, Interleaf, or Word. The Export stylesheet is typically not unique to RTF output. It can be an existing stylesheet currently used for other outputs that is updated to include RTF-specific information.
It is important to note that if you require dynamically updated output when publishing to RTF you can achieve this with an Export process but you must use Word fields and codes. Configuring your Export process via the Arbortext Styler UI will not support the production of this type of information, especially important information such as page numbering, since it was designed to output static information only. Please refer to advanced Microsoft Word documentation for information about the capabilities of Word fields and how to set them up correctly,
It should be noted that you may notice differences if you compare published print or PDF outputs with published RTF outputs of the same document.PTC Arbortext does not, and cannot, guarantee page fidelity between PDF, print, and RTF output. There are too many variables between publishing formats, applications that display those formats, and versions of the applications which are used as the viewers to be able to ensure identical output in all formats.
Arbortext Import/Export replaces the deprecated Interchange option available with previous releases of Arbortext Editor. For those migrating from the previous Interchange product, refer to the Customizer's Guide for information on migrating your Interchange map templates.
System requirements
Arbortext Styler must be installed and licensed to create Export stylesheets and to preview RTF documents being exported with Arbortext Import/Export. Published documents are formatted in RTF meeting the Microsoft 1.7 specification.
Refer to the Customizer's Guide for information on configuring your workstation and site to use Arbortext Import/Export. This guide describes how to use Arbortext Styler to create Export stylesheets and export XML documents to RTF.