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Attribute Modifier Dialog Box
The Attribute Modifier dialog box opens when you choose the Insert > Advanced > Attribute Modifier menu option in the Generated Text Editor for an element. It allows you to specify the attribute on the current element whose value should be set to the value of another attribute from another element, when declared in generated text.
The Attribute Modifier dialog box contains the following options:
Attribute name - Contains a list of attributes declared for the element. Select from the list the attribute whose value you want to set, or enter an attribute name manually. Use the latter option to enter the name of an undeclared attribute if required.
Once you have specified the attribute, click OK to exit the dialog box. Arbortext Styler inserts an AttributeModifier tag pair whose only attribute is the name of the attribute specified in the Attribute Name field in the dialog box. You may then use items from the Insert menu in the Generated Text Editor to specify the element and attribute combination in the source document that contains the value to which the value of this attribute should be set.