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Validating Page Sets
Validating your page sets can help you avoid problems that might occur during publishing. Below are some circumstances in which your page set may not be valid:
The Print/PDF Engine is set to XSL-FO, the document contains nested page sets (an element starts a page set, and one of its ancestors also starts a page set), and the Require XSL-FO Compliance option is enabled on the Validate Page Sets dialog box.
The option is only available when the Arbortext Styler environment is set to use the XSL-FO print engine.
Nested page sets are not permitted under the XSL-FO specification. Arbortext Styler will attempt to eliminate nesting of page sets when composing with the XSL-FO engine. As part of the flattening process, some elements that were not styled to start a page set will, in fact, start a page sequence This page sequence will inherit the page set of the element’s parent.
No page set is specified for content being output on a page. The content can be text, a graphic, a rule, a symbol, etc. and it might be document content, or it could be generated text. It is an error if any such content occurs before an element has been processed that starts a page set.
To validate a page set:
1. In your Arbortext Styler stylesheet, choose Tools > Validate Page Sets.
2. The Validate Page Sets dialog box provides a structured view of your document, and indicates where page sets have been applied to the elements in the document.
This is an image of the Validate Page Sets dialog box for a sample document, showing that the book and chapter elements are controlled by page sets
3. Page set errors are indicated by a red mark through the icon for either the element The icon for an element in the Validate Page Sets dialog box - the yellow element icon or the page set The icon for a page set in the Validate Page Sets dialog box - a white box containing black horizontal lines. The number of errors found is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box. Refer to the graphic below. The title and productname elements have been set to start a new page but they have not had a page set applied. Since they appear before elements that have had a page set applied, they are flagged as errors.
This is an image of the Validate Page Sets dialog box for a sample document, showing the title and productname elements with red crosses through their element icon to indicate errors
4. Use the Next Error button to highlight each successive error.
5. Select an element within the Validate Page Sets dialog box and choose Go To Element to highlight the element in the Elements list and move your cursor to that element for edit.
Use the options in the Breaks category to add or remove page sets from specific elements.
6. Select an element that has a page set applied and choose Go To Page Set to highlight the page set in the Page Sets list.
7. Use the Refresh button after you have made corrections to re-validate your page sets.