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Link Target Details Dialog Box
This dialog box displays when you assign the Link Target style to an element in the Elements list. You can also access this dialog box by selecting the Edit > Edit Style Details menu option if you want to modify the settings for an element that has already been assigned the Link Target style.
When a stylesheet is created, an element mapped as a link target element in the .dcf file is mapped to the Link Target style in Arbortext Styler, and its attribute roles are set based on .dcf settings. Any changes you make to the link target settings in Arbortext Styler take precedence over the default settings in the .dcf file.
The Link Target Details dialog box contains the following options:
Make primary link target element - Indicates that the selected element is always used as the default link target element, if you apply the Link Target style to more than one element. Arbortext Editor inserts the primary link target element when users select the Insert > Link Target menu option.
ID (name) attribute - Specifies the attribute of the selected element that contains the target ID for the link.