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Publishing RTF Files Using Arbortext Import/Export
Once one or more stylesheets have been created to support publishing to RTF, the process is similar to that for publishing a document to any other format. Use the following procedure to publish a document as an RTF file:
1. Open the XML document in Arbortext Editor, ensuring that your environment has Arbortext Import/Export licensed.
2. Choose File > Publish > RTF File. The Publish to RTF dialog box is displayed.
3. In the Save As field, specify the path and file name of the published document.
4. In the Stylesheet field, select the stylesheet to use to style the RTF in the published document. The stylesheet defines all of the aspects of the output RTF file, based on the RTF export settings in the stylesheet. Typically, Export stylesheets have been placed on the Arbortext Publishing Engine server.
5. Optionally, check the View Exported RTF Document option to automatically view the published document. An application must be associated with the .rtf file extension, as described in the Windows online help.
6. Choose OK. The document is published to RTF.
Refer to Using Batch Processing to Publish RTF Files for information on automating the publishing of documents.