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Bullet Dialog Box
The Bullet dialog box opens if you have an element that is styled as a list item in the Elements list, and you choose Bullet as the marker option on the Generated text category then click the Details button. Use this dialog box to specify the type of bullets you want to use.
The Bullet dialog box contains options listed below.
Note that bullet properties will only have the desired effect if the selected output is configured to format list items as tables. This setting is made in the HTML tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box. Please refer to Stylesheet Properties — HTML File for information.
Bullet character - Previews the five default bullet characters. Clicking on one of the previews selects that character to be used as your bullet.
Character - Launches the Symbol dialog box, in which you can specify a new character to be used as a bullet. Note that you must click on a preview in the Bullet Character field before you select the Character option - the selected preview will then be replaced with the character chosen from the Symbol dialog box.
Font - Launches the Modify Font dialog box, in which you can change font formatting characteristics such as font family, point size, and style.
Bullet position - sets the position of the bullet in the list entry:
Indent at - Specifies the amount by which to indent the bullet, relative to the left margin. See the note at the end of this description for input options.
Text position - sets the position of the text in the list entry:
Follow bullet with - Specifies the amount of space between the bullet and the following text. Choices are Tab, Em-Space, Single Space, and No Space. The default is Single Space, which adds a single, non-breaking space.
Tab to - When you select Tab as the Follow bullet with value, this field allows you to specify the amount of space that the tab adds between the number and the following text. See the note at the end of this description for input options.
Indent following lines - Specifies the amount by which to indent following lines if the first line of the list item wraps. See the note at the end of this description for input options. To align the text in the first and subsequent lines, set this to the same value as set in the Tab to field.
Preview - Displays a graphical preview of how your list will appear.
The Indent at, Tab to, and Indent following lines fields of this dialog box allow you to either type an arbitrary size in the field or choose a defined size by selecting from the list of Size objects configured for your stylesheet. For the latter option, click the Select Size button The Select Size icon - 3 horizontal lines, a green double ended arrow and a green x, all bounded by vertical lines, with a black down arrow to their right next to the field for which you wish to set the measurement and select the name of the required Size object from the resulting list. Once you have selected a Size object the measurement it defines will be displayed wrapped in angle brackets (< > characters) in the relevant field. For example, the Size object InchSize defines a measurement of 1.00in:
This is an image of the Top field with the InchSize Size listed in the Size definition list activated for the measurement, and the measurement <1.00in> shown in the field