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Generated Text Overview
Generated text is content that is automatically added to elements in a document in Arbortext Editor. Generated text is defined and configured in Arbortext Styler. For example, you might want to add the word Chapter and a chapter number before the content of chapter titles.
Generated text refers to:
Text, graphics, and symbols that display before and after element content - see Adding Generated Text to Elements for information.
Change bars - see Adding Change Bars for information.
Headers and footers - see Adding Headers and Footers to a Page Set for information.
Numbers and bullets - see Numbering List Items for information.
Numbering and titles - see Advanced Formatting of Titles and Numbering for information.
Cross reference text - see Cross Reference and Linking Overview for information.
Repeating titles - see Creating Repeating Titles for information.
Tables of contents - see Styling an Element to Generate a Table of Contents for information.
Indexes - see Indexing Overview for information.
You can configure generated text in Arbortext Styler using the Generated Text Editor, which can be accessed from:
The Add Text Before and Add Text After fields on the Generated text property categories for elements, contexts, conditions, and property sets.
The Edit button for the Format field in the Page numbers category for page sets.
The Edit button in the properties area for headers and footer objects.
The Edit button in the properties area for custom table objects.
When you have created generated text for an element or context, you have the option to translate it. Arbortext Styler sees each piece of generated text configured in your stylesheet as a translation unit. You can specify whether a translation unit should be translated, or if it should be left in its source language when the document is output.
Please refer to Maintaining Translations of Generated Text for information on how to implement translations of generated text.
Please refer to Managing Translation Units for information on managing translation units and their translation status in your stylesheet