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Applying Properties for Specific Outputs
You can use Arbortext Styler to configure stylesheets for different outputs (uses). For example, you can create a stylesheet that has properties that are applied when you are publishing HTML documents, while other properties can be applied when you are publishing printed documents.
To apply properties to specific uses:
1. In the Elements list (View > List View > Elements), select the contexts, conditions, or elements (which selects all its contexts) whose properties you want to modify.
2. In the Outputs to edit list, select the appropriate use for the property you want to add.
3. Set the properties you want to apply to the specific use as usual.
You may also follow this process for a property set from the Property Sets list. You must then apply to the property set to the required elements/contexts/conditions for its properties to have an effect.
Please read the notes below if configuring property sets when working with FOSI source:
FOSI property set edited source does not include Arbortext Editor or Print/PDF output properties.
FOSI edited source for contexts and conditions will contain resolved property settings from output properties in any referenced property sets.
Changes to property set output properties are not reflected in existing FOSI edited source of elements and contexts that reference the changed property set.