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PDF Form — List Box
A PDF List Box provides a vertical list of clickable lines of text in a scrollable box.
The stylesheet samples in Arbortext-path/samples/APP/pdfFormFields provide these components to support definition and output of a PDF List Box:
Name — listBox
type — how to generate the list of items provided by the List Box
The value can be content or attribute
content — the item children of listBox contain the List Box items
attribute — the items attribute of listBox provides a comma-delimited list of items to add to the List Box
The stylesheet provides the UFE with the list using XPath.
Name — addListBox
Wraps the list items
Added by Before-text generated text defined for listBox element
display (inline or block)
sort — whether the list items are sorted (true or false)
property set
Name — pdfForms_addListBox
Applied by the addListBox UFE
APP function
Name — addPDFListBox
Called by the property set pdfForms_addListBox
Concatenates the values of the item elements for a List Box of type content.