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PDF Form — Radio Button
Radio Buttons are selectable boxes which, when in a group, are mutually exclusive. In PDF, the button name includes the parent group name.
The stylesheet samples in Arbortext-path/samples/APP/pdfFormFields provide these components to support definition and output of a PDF Radio Button:
Name — radioButton
UFE (button)
Name — addRadioButton
Added by Before-text generated text defined for radioButton element
Generates the button and wraps another UFE, radioButtonGroup
display (inline or block)
style — defines the character added when the radio button is selected
The value can be circle, check, cross, diamond, star, or square
UFE (group)
Name — radioButtonGroup
Contains generated text for the radio button group name
property set
Name — pdfForms_addRadioButton
Applied by the addRadioButton UFE
APP function
Name — addPDFRadioButton
Called by the property set pdfForms_addRadioButton