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Restart footnote numbering at a particular element
The Footnotes dialog box contains a field in which you can set the scope for footnote numbering, once you have configured the footnotes:
1. Select the Tools > Format Footnotes menu option. The Footnotes dialog box opens.
2. From the Available contexts list, select the element at which footnote numbering should restart, for example chapter.
3. Click the Add>> button to add the element to the Contexts that restart footnote numbering list.
4. Click OK to exit the dialog box.
Now when you preview or compose your document, you will see that footnote numbering starts at 1 with in the scope of the chosen element - in the example shown above, within each chapter.
There are limitations to restarting footnote numbering when you are working with RTF output. Please refer to Differences in Output Support for information.
If your document is set up to output two types of footnote, for example both numbered footnotes and footnotes whose reference mark is generated from the value of an attribute, you may need to adjust the settings for the non-numbered footnotes if you want to also implement the numbering restart option detailed here. If you wish to exclude the non-numbered footnotes from the counting scheme in each scoped element, you cannot use an XPath expression to set this (as described in Generate a combination of numbered footnotes and footnotes with reference marks based on attribute values above) in addition to selecting the numbering restart option. You must use a FOSI source edit to achieve the same effect.
For example, suppose you have two footnotes contexts set up in your stylesheet:
footnote[@label]: footnotes that include a value for the label attribute - marked with the value of the label attribute
footnote everywhere else: all other footnotes - numbered
To exclude footnote[@label] footnotes from scoped footnote counting schemes:
1. Select the footnote element in the Elements list in Arbortext Styler, highlighting all contexts and conditions of the element.
2. Choose the Edit > Edit Element Source > FOSI menu option to open the FOSI Editor. Confirm that you wish to edit the element’s source when asked.
3. Locate the tag e-i-c gi="footnote" xpath="footnote[@label]".
4. Within that tag, locate the first enumerat child tag.
5. Set the increm attribute in this tag to a value of 0 (zero).
6. Repeat the previous steps for all enumerat attributes configured for the e-i-c gi="footnote" xpath="footnote[@label]" context.
7. Click File > Apply and Close to save your changes and exit the editor.
8. When you preview or compose your document, you will see that footnotes marked with the label attribute value are excluded from the counting scheme within the scoping element.