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Editing Property Set Source
Arbortext Styler enables you to edit the source for a property set. The changes will affect the use of the property set in any output.
To edit a property set's source:
1. Select a property set in the Property Sets list.
2. Choose Edit > Edit Property Set Source, and then choose the type of output to which the changes should be applied. You can choose PTC ALD (or FOSI or XSL-FO), XSL-EPUB, XSL-HTML File, XSL-HTML Help, XSL-Web, or XSL-FO RTF. You must make changes to the property set source for each output individually.
The print/PDF option presented depends on the print/PDF engine setting in your stylesheet.
3. In the Source Editor, you can make changes to the property set's source that will produce the desired formatting effect.