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Graphic Category
The Graphic category provides options for specifying the pages in a PDF graphic to be included in print/PDF output generated by the PTC ALD engine.
For information on inserting PDF graphics into XML content, see Vector Graphics.
The properties in the Graphic category apply for contexts and conditions of elements styled as Graphic, and for property sets.
The following table describes the properties in the Graphic category.
Default Value
PDF graphic options (print/PDF only)
Page selection
Choose the method of determining which pages of a PDF graphic to output:
Show all pages from PDF — include all pages
Use a custom page range — include a range of pages
Specify the range in the Page range field
Use Graphic 'view' role attribute — use the value of the attribute of the element styled as Graphic that has the View role as the page number to include
Use a custom page range
Page range
Specify the range of pages to include — some examples are given below:
Simple range, for example 1–3
Range with open start, for example -3 (all pages up to and including 3)
Range with open end, for example 3– (all pages from page 3 to last page)
Range with open start and end, i.e. - (all pages)
You can also use a combination of page range and single pages, separated by a comma, for example: or
1–3, 5
1–3, 10–15
For more information, see PDF Graphics.