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General Guidelines for Print Engine Selection
The default print engine for the PTC Arbortext environment is PTC ALD. It provides advanced support for CJK, Hebrew, Arabic, and Thai languages. You may also take advantage of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer (PTC ALD)’s JavaScript based Formatting Object Model code to make stylesheet extensions.
You may wish to choose one of the other engines if you have expertise in either FOSI or XSL-FO.
Refer to Publishing Engine Overview and Print Engine Comparison for summaries of the benefits of each engine.
The FOSI and XSL-FO print engines are on sustained support and do not receive enhancements or maintenance fixes. PTC ALD is the recommended engine for print/PDF output.
For information on how to set the print engine for your environment, see Logic for Print/Preview Engine Selection
The list below provides general guidelines for controlling the print engine to use for preview and publishing actions:
If a stylesheet is written for a single print engine, set the stylesheet's print engine property to that engine. The value will be used in all preview and publishing actions with that stylesheet.
See Stylesheet Properties — Print/PDF for information on how to set the print engine for your stylesheet.
If a stylesheet is written to be used with multiple engines, you may wish to swap between print engines for preview or publishing actions.
Set the print engine before a preview or publishing action in Arbortext Editor or on the Arbortext Publishing Engine server via the set printengineoverride preference.
The value of this option on the client overrides other settings. To subsequently undo the print engine override setting, use the command set printengineoverride=no.
See set printengineoverride in Arbortext Command Language Reference for information on this command.