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Final Page Number Dialog Box
The Final Page Number dialog box displays if you select Insert > Final Page Number when creating generated text for a header or footer object.
The dialog box allows you to define the scope of the final page number calculation you wish to use, when implementing Page x of y numbering.
The Final Page Number dialog box contains the following options:
Document - select this option if you want to use the number of the final page of the whole document
Division - select this option if you want to use the final page number of a division or divisions. The Division field contains the following lists, which are only enabled when the Division option is selected:
Available divisions: lists all division elements configured for the stylesheet that do not appear in the Selected divisions list. Recursive divisions are shown, for example if the section element is styled to three levels you will see the contexts section, section in section, and section in section in section in the list. Use the Add button to select divisions.
Selected divisions: lists those division elements that have been chosen to scope final page numbering for the header or footer. The final page number in the header or footer will restart at 1 whenever an element listed in this field is encountered, provided they share the same header/footer and page set.
Ensure that you select divisions that are set to start a new page set, and where the end of the division is not followed by other content on the same page. If the content of a page that uses a header or footer that inserts the final page number of one or more divisions is not part of the referenced divisions, a question mark character (?) will be inserted for the final page number and an error message displayed. For example:
[A30216] WARNING: Ignoring reference to scoped time-independent
variable "finalfoliostr.tiv_scope1 that occurs outside of all
scoping elements