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Organization of This Guide
The information in this guide is divided into the following sections:
An overview of Arbortext Styler and the concepts upon which a stylesheet is based
The capabilities and limitations of the free version of Arbortext Styler, and how to migrate a stylesheet developed in the free version to the full version of Arbortext Styler
How to access Arbortext Styler, how to convert a FOSI to a stylesheet and how to apply styles to elements
The preview and publishing options available with Arbortext Styler
How to export .stylestylesheets to XSL-HTML, XSL-FO, XSL-HTML Help, XSL-Web, and FOSI stylesheets
How to use page sets to format documents for print and PDF output
The use of properties in a stylesheet
The processing order of contexts, conditions, and property sets in Arbortext Styler and during publish actions
How to create and apply property sets in your stylesheets
How to add, delete, and rename DTD and user-defined elements
How to use contexts to change an element's formatting based on its location in the document structure
How to create tests that can be applied to contexts to further refine an element's position for formatting purposes
How to cut, copy, and paste stylesheet components and properties
How to create header and footer objects and add their content via generated text
How to generate and format tables of contents
How to generate and format indexes for print and PDF output
How to format elements as a custom table so they can be edited with the Table Editor in Arbortext Editor and published as a table for output
How to generate and format footnotes and endnotes
How to add generated text to elements, add numbers to lists, divisions, and formal blocks, add bullets to lists items, and create repeating titles
How to format cross references
How to develop and work with modularized stylesheets
Advanced formatting techniques
How to style Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) documents
The extent to which Asian and Arabic text, numbering and punctuation are supported within Arbortext Styler
How to map XML structures and export XML to RTF
How to edit element, property set, page set, XSL root template, and FOSI resource description source
Description of the Source Editor, Generated Text Editor, and the Arbortext Styler window menus, toolbars, and property areas
Description of each dialog box associated with Arbortext Styler
Tips on improving the speed at which complex stylesheets are processed
General information such as keyboard navigation and units of measurement