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APPConfig element (required)
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Print (required)
Format (required)
APPConfig is the root element of the .appcf configuration file.
Attributes of APPConfig define doctype information for the file. It also permits other .appcf files to be referenced and loaded.
Attributes of APPConfig
Permitted values
version (required)
The version of the APPConfig dtd
Required to ensure the configuration file is processed correctly in the event of changes to the DTD
xmlns (required)
The namespace for all elements in the configuration file
Any elements not in this namespace will be ignored
References another .appcf file
The file will be loaded and will provide the default values for any elements or properties set in it. Values set in the source configuration file take precedence over any values in an included file.
Relative file paths will be resolved with reference to the location of the output file provided in the Publish dialog box. You can also specify an absolute path to an alternate location.
File name (and location)