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PDF Configuration File for the PTC ALD Engine
A default XML configuration file that supports publishing of PDF with the PTC ALD engine is provided with a Arbortext Editor environment that includes Arbortext Styler or Arbortext Publishing Engine:
You can save a custom version of this file if you wish to tailor your own PDF publishing process/output. Open the file in Arbortext Editor (without a stylesheet), make changes, then save the custom file, with the same file extension, in any of these locations:
Publishing PDF from Arbortext Editor or Arbortext Styler — you can browse for a custom file, or locate it in the APTCUSTOM\app directory where PTC ALD will find it
Publishing PDF via Arbortext Publishing Engine — a custom file must be located on the PE server, in any of these locations:
any APTCUSTOM\app directory
an application or custom doctype\nnn directory, where nnn is the short doctype name of the doctype of the document being published.
Custom .appcf files must contain a single Print and a single Format element, although these do not require child elements to be valid.
Use the set appconfigfile command to specify an alternate location for an PTC ALD configuration file. For more information, see the Arbortext Command Language Reference.
See APP PDF Configuration File (.appcf) for information on the contents of the PTC ALD configuration file.
Guidelines for customizing some common PDF properties in the configuration file are provided here:
Initial View
The default configuration file defines these initial view document properties:
Navigation tab — Page Only
Page layout — Single Page
Magnification — Default
Open to page — 1
Window Options — Resize window to initial page
Window Options — Show Document Title
Compression Level
The default configuration file specifies these levels of compression:
Text compression activated
Monochrome images — CCITT Group 4 Compression
Grayscale images — Flate (Zip) Compression
Color images — Flate (Zip) Compression
Quality of grayscale JPEG compression — medium
Quality of color JPEG compression — medium
PDF Compatibility / Version
The default configuration file sets compatibility to PDF 1.7 (Acrobat 8 onwards)
Web-Optimized PDF Output
The default configuration file specifies that web optimized output will not be generated.
Printing Marks and Bleed Areas
The default configuration file specifies that crop marks and registration marks will be output according to selections made in the Publish dialog. Crop marks and bleed areas have default size and placement settings:
Crop mark size — 9mm
Crop mark offset from page — 1mm
Bleed areas — a bleed area of 4mm will be applied to each side of a page