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Configuring a Graphic Element
Defining a Role for an Attribute of a Graphic Element
Use the Graphic Details dialog box to configure the roles that the attributes of a graphic element should perform. Refer to Graphic Details Dialog Box for information about the available roles.
For example, an attribute with a role of View for a graphic element can be used to hold the number of a page from a PDF that is to be inserted as a graphic. It can also define the default view presented for an intelligent graphic (for example, CGM, ISO, PVZ). Follow the steps to configure an attribute to perform the View role:
1. Assign the Graphic style to the required graphic element if you have not already done so, or edit the style for the element, using the Edit > Style > Graphic option.
2. In the Graphic Details dialog box that opens, select the attribute to which the View role will be assigned in the Attributes list.
3. Select the View role from the Attribute role field.
Note that the Role field in the Attributes list now displays the selected role for the selected attribute.
4. Click OK to save the changes and exit the dialog box.