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Run-in Styling
You can configure run-in styling between titles, blocks, inline elements, and text nodes. Use the Run-in control in the Breaks category to set the following layout relationships between elements:
Run in with following — an item’s content will run into the content of the sibling item that comes after it
Run in with preceding — an item’s content will run into the content of the sibling item that comes before it
Run in with both — an item’s content will run into the content of the sibling items that come before and after it
For example, you may wish to have a section title run directly into the text of the first paragraph in the section.
An image of title text placed next to paragraph text instead of above it
Configure these Run-in settings to achieve the effect:
1. title in section context — With following
2. first paragraph in section context — With preceding
Note that run-in settings must be configured for both elements to have the desired effect. You will be advised to set the setting for the second element the first time you configure run-in styling for the first element.
Run-in styling settings are applicable for PTC ALD and FOSI outputs. Please be aware of the implementation notes:
XML nodes must be siblings to enable run-in styling between them. They can be either element or text nodes.
Adjacent nodes that are set to run-in together must both specify that they will not break. The following items do not force a break
Elements styled as Inline
Text nodes
Blocks with a run-in setting (without a run-in setting, a block will be break before and after the element)
A block nested within an element that has a run-in setting will not affect that run-in setting.
When working with PTC ALD, a run-in sequence must start with an element that has either a With following or a With both run-in setting.
When working with FOSI, a run-in sequence can start with an inline item or a text node. Items starting a sequence do not need to have a run-in setting.
Borders and background color settings configured in the Block border category will apply to elements that are set to run-in with each other (each has a run-in setting to appear on the same line).