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Regenerating Edited Source when Updating a Stylesheet
It is recommended that you review source edits in a stylesheet you are updating to any major release of Arbortext Styler, to confirm they still produce the correct output. Some edited source may need to be modified to work as expected in a new release, if related code changes have been made.
You should inspect all existing edited source that cannot be deleted and consider it as a candidate for regeneration in the new release.
1. Run the stylesheet through the update process, noting any messages that indicate possible issues.
2. Review your output once the stylesheet has been updated. You may need to fix your edited source, especially if you saw messages during the update process.
3. For any edited source cases, review the reason for using edited source to achieve the required effect. Where possible, use new features in the new release to accomplish the same thing without edited source. Refer to the release notes for the new and preceding releases for lists of important changes.
Note, since edited source is output dependent, you will need to follow the steps listed above for each output for which you have edited source.
For each case for which you need to maintain edited source, determine if the original edited source still provides the desired effect, or if you need to modify it. If a given object’s edited source is causing undesirable results you will need to regenerate its edited source. To do this, carry out the steps listed below for each output with edited source:
1. Determine the edits that were originally made in the edited source. See below for a suggested process:
With the version of the software the source edits were created in, capture a copy of the object source that contains the required edit and save it.
Again in the version of the software the source edits were created in, delete that object’s source and regenerate it to create a unedited baseline.
Compare the original source and the new baseline source to ascertain the edits that were made in the original version.
2. Move to the new version of the software and update your stylesheet.
3. Delete the object’s edited source for the required output.
4. Regenerate that object’s edited source for that output.
5. Reapply the edits as appropriate to the newly regenerated edited source.
You should need to regenerate edited source if you are updating to the following releases:
6.0 M020
6.0 M040