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Elements Not in Document Type Window
The Elements Not in Document Type window opens when you choose the Tools > List Elements Not in Document Type menu option. It displays a list of elements in the stylesheet that are not declared in the current document type.
As well as the list of elements, the window also contains a number of controls to help you navigate and update the list:
Go To - opens the Elements list and places cursor focus on the selected element to allow you to edit it, or delete it if you wish to tidy up your stylesheet. The element cannot be deleted from within the dialog box.
Display - displays the selected element in the Elements list. Cursor focus remains on the entry in the Elements Not in Current Document Type list. With this option you can elect to find subsequent results from the list without having to continually return to the results list.
Refresh - updates the Elements Not in Current Document Type list by rerunning the original search. The list will be updated if elements have been added to, or deleted from, the stylesheet.
The note at the bottom of the window advises you that the stylesheet may be used for another document type defining these elements. Be aware of these reasons why elements can be listed as not belonging to the current document type but should not be removed from the stylesheet:
The stylesheet may be configured to be used with multiple document types and an element in the list originates in a document type other than the current one.
Namespaced elements can be used in documents and styled in the stylesheet without being defined in the document type
DITA elements are separated in different document types, for example bookmap and topic.
Column display for this window follows the same rules as for the Find Where Used Results Window