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Find Explicit Properties Dialog Box
This dialog box opens when you choose Edit > Find Explicit Properties in Arbortext Styler. It can also be invoked via the CTRL+SHIFT+F keyboard shortcut. Use this dialog box to specify a property and value and execute a search for all objects in the stylesheet that have that property and value set explicitly.
Note the following about explicit properties:
An explicit property is one that is set directly for the object, not applied via property set. Explicit properties can be set in a property set but applied property sets do not produce explicit properties.
When a property is explicitly set its label is bold and blue.
Default property values are not explicit.
Derived property values are not explicit.
The Find Explicit Properties dialog box contains the following options:
Category - a list of property categories in Arbortext Styler. Select one to list the properties from that category in the Property field.
Property - a list of the properties from the category selected in the Category field. Select the required property from the drop down list.
Assigned any value: select this option to find all occurrences where the property is set, regardless of the value.
Equals: select this option to search for a single value of the property. The field will provide the same controls as the property offers in the Arbortext Styler UI, for you to select from the available values for the property.
Property values that are calculated via XPath expression (for example the Start At property value for a page number) will not be available for search. You will be able to search for instances where the property is set, but not for the actual value.
List results in - confirm if the results should be shown in a single or in multiple windows.
Most recent results window: list the results of this search in the same window
Open a new results window: list the results of this search in a new window
Clicking Find once you have specified the property will open the Find Explicit Properties Results dialog box, which displays a list of the occurrences of the property in the current stylesheet.