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Export XSL-EPUB Stylesheet Dialog Box
This dialog box opens when you choose File > Export > XSL-EPUB in Arbortext Styler. Use this dialog box to export your .style stylesheet as an .xslstylesheet, a format used for transforming a document into EPUB ready XHTML content.
The Export XSL-EPUB Stylesheet dialog box contains the following options:
File name - Specifies the path and file name to which you want to export the stylesheet. If the stylesheet has never been saved, the file name consists of a path and file name based on the document directory, the default stylesheet name with -epub appended, plus an .xsl extension. You can edit the path and file name, or Browse to an existing location.
Title - Specifies the name of the stylesheet that displays in the Select Stylesheet and Publish for EPUB dialog boxes in Arbortext Editor. If you do not specify a title, the path and file name of the stylesheet display in these dialog boxes.
Arbortext Editor truncates the path and file name if they exceed 57 characters.