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Publishing EPUB Output
EPUB is a non-proprietary eBook (electronic book) format that can be used as content for mobile devices. PTC Arbortext offers the option to publish and preview EPUB ready output with the standard publish and preview menu options, or via publishing rules if you are working with Arbortext Publishing Engine. You can set your Arbortext Styler stylesheet to be used to generate EPUB output and configure the stylesheet to provide specific styling for the format.
EPUB output is made up of a zipped file containing valid XHTML data, packaging files, and container files. You may customize the output for use in a specific device by making necessary changes in your Arbortext Styler stylesheet.
You must have Calibre 0.8.0 or later installed to be able to publish and preview EPUB output. Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application. It provides eBook conversion and an eBook viewer. The Calibre viewer allows you to view output once the publishing or preview action is complete.
Use the set epubinstalldir option to declare the directory location of the Calibre installation. The EPUB publishing process will search for a valid Calibre install directory the first time it is launched. The stated directory will be considered valid if it contains the files ebook-convert.exe and ebook-viewer.exe. If the value of epubinstalldir is not set or is not valid, PTC Arbortext will attempt to locate a valid Calibre2 directory by searching these locations:
1. \Program Files and \Program Files(x86) on all mounted disks
2. Each directory declared by the PATH environment variable
If PTC Arbortext encounters a valid directory, it will use that Calibre installation and set the value of epubinstalldir to this directory location. If it does not find a valid Calibre installation with these searches, it will display a file browser dialog for you to select the directory location of a valid installation.
If you are publishing EPUB with Arbortext Publishing Engine, you must still install Calibre on the Arbortext Editor client. The EPUB viewer must run on the client to enable you to view the resulting output. Use a set epubinstalldir=path command in an ACL script in the Arbortext-path/custom/init directory to declare the location of the installation.
PTC Arbortext’s EPUB output conforms to the EPUB Standard Version 2. Different e-reader applications have varying levels of support for this standard and you may see differences between output viewed in Calibre e-reader during publishing and your selected reader. Ensure that you have tested output in your various required readers to confirm the appearance is satisfactory. If there are unexpected anomalies, use the View EPUB option in the Publish to EPUB dialog box to confirm the appearance is correct in the Calibre e-reader. If it is incorrect there, contact Technical Support.