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Alternate Text for Graphics in Generated Text
The example below shows how to add alternate text to a graphic in generated text in your source document, and include it as an Alt attribute for the graphic when the document is published as tagged PDF (or an alt attribute when published to HTML).
For PDF, this feature is only supported if you are publishing with the PTC ALD engine.
1. If publishing to PDF, ensure that your stylesheet is set up to generate tagged output. Confirm that the Generate tagged PDF option on the Print/PDF tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box is selected. Selecting this option will ensure you have access to the controls in the PDF tags category.
2. Select the element that is set to output a generated graphic in the Elements list, for example draft-comment.
3. Refer to the PDF tags category and note the PDF tag that the element is set to output, for example Note
HTML: Refer to the HTML tags category and note the assigned tag, for example span
4. Refer to the Generated text category. Open the generated text that includes the graphic in the Generated Text Editor.
5. Open the Modify Attributes dialog box for the relevant _gentextgraphic element.
6. Add the required alternate text to the alt attribute, then close the dialog box.
7. Close the Generated Text Editor.
When you publish the document to tagged PDF output, you will see the Note PDF tag for each occurrence of a draft-comment in your source. The Note tag includes a Figure tag for the generated graphic, which has an /Alt attribute (Alternate Text) with the value of the alt attribute on the original graphic.
HTML output: You will see a span HTML tag for the draft-comment, which includes an img element and an alt attribute.