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PDF/UA Output
PDF/UA (PDF/Universal Accessibility) is a standard that defines requirements for accessibility in PDF documents and applications. Conformance to the PDF/UA standard means that PDFs are accessible with assistive technology such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, and other technologies to navigate and read electronic content.
Arbortext Styler provides the option to generate tagged PDF that conforms to the PDF/UA standard. The PDFUA element in the PTC ALD configuration file, when included and set to a value of 1, will specify that PDFs generated are PDF/UA compliant.
For more information, see PTC ALD PDF Configuration File (.appcf).
You must ensure your stylesheets and PDF publishing action are set to generate tagged PDF if requesting PDF/UA compliant PDF.
For more information, see Stylesheet Properties — Print/PDF
You can use the Conformance section in Adobe Acrobat to confirm that your PDF conforms to the PDF/UA standard. The Standards panel provides the Conformance section of information.
Requirements for Conformance to PDF/UA
Certain PDF tags and attributes, if they are present in a PDF, must meet specific requirements if the PDF is to conform to PDF/UA standard, for example:
The H tag must not be used — use H1-H6 instead
A Note tag must have an ID attribute
Graphics must include alternate text
For more information, see Alternate text for graphics and links in tagged PDF.
Tables must have headers defined with TH header cell tags
TH tags must have a Scope attribute.
L tag (list) must have a ListNumbering attribute
Refer to www.iso.org for the PDF/UA Specification, ISO 14289–1:2014.
PTC Arbortext Stylesheets Configured to Output PDF/UA Compliant PDF
PTC Arbortext provides a sample stylesheet that is configured to support PDF output that is PDF/UA compliant:
Ensure that the stylesheet is set to output tagged PDF, and that the current PTC ALD PDF configuration file (.appcf) includes the PDFUA element with a value of 1.