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Page Types List
A list of page types configured for the stylesheet. This list displays when you choose View > List View > Page Types
When this list is active, the Insert Page Type button The Insert Page Type icon - a blank page edged in blue, with a yellow asterisk to its right appears in the Standard toolbar, allowing you to create a new page type in the list.
The Properties area of the Page Types list contains the following fields, in which you can preview the appearance of page types in the context of a specified page set:
Page regions (front to back): an ordered list of page regions configured for a page type.
Note the (front to back) suffix - the order of the page regions in the list relates directly to the order in which the regions will be applied to a page. The last entry in the list will be placed on the page first, followed by the preceding regions in the order they appear in the list. If regions overlap on the page, regions that appear earliest in the list will overlay those that appear later in the list.
Use the up and down arrows to adjust the order of the list.
Select a region in the list to highlight it in the Preview window and view its defined position. Use the CTRL button to make a multiple selection.
Use the Avoid (PTC ALD only) field from the Other category for the Page Regions list if you want the content in a region or regions to avoid another region that overlays it.
Add: click to open a list of page regions configured for the stylesheet. Select one to add it to the list Page regions list.
Remove: select a page region in the Page regions list and click Remove to remove it from the page type definition.
Go To: opens the selected page region in the Page Regions list and places cursor focus on the object to allow you to edit it.
Preview: a visual representation of how the configured page regions are positioned in the page type
Various parts of the page layout are identified as follows:
Shadowed line: page edge
Dashed line: margin
Single line: page region
Preview with page set: select a page set to preview the page type correctly with the page size and margins defined for a page set
Use the Left and Right options to see how your page type would appear in left and/or right pages.
Once you have created a page type, you can reference it from a page set to provide the default page layout for first, right, left, or blank pages. Refer to the Page types category for the Page Sets list.