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Generated Cell Dialog Box
The Generated Cell dialog box opens when you click the New or Edit button in the Generated Cells field in the Cells or Header Cells tabs of the Custom Tables list. The title of the dialog box will be either New Generated Cell, Edit Generated Cell, New Generated Header Cell or Edit Generated Header Cell, depending on which button you used to invoke it. Use the options in this dialog box to create or edit a generated cell definition or header cell definition for a custom table object.
The Generated Cell dialog box contains the following options:
Name - a text field in which you can enter a name for your generated cell definition.
XPath - a text field in which you can enter the XPath expression that identifies the document elements to be used as cells in the custom table.
The XPath expression will be evaluated with the current row or header row element as the context node. If you are generating a header cell and no header row element has been specified in the Elements category for the custom table object, the table element will act as the context node.
The results of the XPath expression will be treated as a string. It is not possible to generate markup within a cell.
If an error in evaluating the XPath expression occurs during publishing, an empty cell will be created.
The following conditions must be met when creating a cell generation definition. If all are not satisfied you will see a warning message when you click OK to exit the dialog. The dialog will remain open for you to make the necessary corrections.
Both the name and the XPath expression exist.
The name is unique within the applicable custom table definition. No other constraints apply.
The XPath expression starts with a letter, and consists of letters, digits, periods, dashes, or underscores. Spaces are not permitted.
The XPath expression is syntactically valid.