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Export CSS dialog box
This dialog box opens when you choose File > Export CSS in Arbortext Styler and choose one of the HTML output options. Use it to export the CSS information for that output from your stylesheet as an external file. CSS information will be generated according to the settings made in the Create CSS rules for field of the HTML tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box.
The Export CSS dialog box contains the following options:
File name - Specifies the path and file name to which you want to export the CSS file. If the file has never been saved, the field contains a path and file name based on the document directory, the default stylesheet name with a suffix that details the output format selected, plus a .css extension. You can edit the path and file name, or Browse to an existing location.
Title - Specifies the name of the CSS file. If you do not specify a title, the title of the stylesheet displays in this field.
Arbortext Editor truncates the path and file name if they exceed 57 characters.