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Existing HTML content with shared styling
Use this process if you already have HTML content from different document types that shares consistent styling. You can change the look of all the documents without having to regenerate the content, by creating a new CSS file in isolation.
1. Edit one of the stylesheets that was originally used to produce the output.
2. Make the required changes to the properties of the property sets in the common property sets module.
You may not make change to properties that are classed as transform properties. Refer to Export CSS Information in Managing CSS Files in HTML Output for information.
3. Make the required changes to indents for TOCs in the common TOCs module.
4. Make the required changes to any combined font definitions in the common combined fonts module.
5. Refer to the HTML tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box. Set the Create CSS rules for field for the required HTML output to the value Property sets.
6. Export a CSS file for the required output format via the File > Export CSS menu option.
Since the stylesheet shares its property set, TOC and combined font definitions with the other stylesheets in the set, the exported CSS will apply to documents created with all those stylesheets too.
7. Place the new CSS file in the location that all the existing documents reference. Overwrite the existing file to provide the new styling.