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Stylesheet Properties — General
The General tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box provides the following options:
Title - Specifies the title or short description of the stylesheet, which displays in the Select Stylesheet dialog box and the Print and Publish dialog boxes. Enter text of your choice here. If you do not specify a title, the default description of the stylesheet will remain in this field and will be displayed in the dialog boxes.
Description - Enables you to provide a short description of the stylesheet that displays in a small popup (tooltip) when the cursor hovers over the stylesheet's name in the Elements list, Modules dialog box, and similar locations.
Publishing types - Specifies the output formats for which the stylesheet can be used.
The choices are Print/PDF, EPUB, HTML File, HTML Help, Web, and RTF. The choice you make here determines the location(s) in which your stylesheet will be made available for selection. For example, if you select Print/PDF the stylesheet will be available in the stylesheet lists in the Print Preview, Print, and Publish to PDF File dialog boxes.