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Stylesheet Properties — RTF
The RTF tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box permits you to make some configuration settings that will apply when you export a document to RTF output.
The RTF tab provides the following options:
Embed Graphics - When checked, all (RTF-supported) graphics will be embedded in the RTF file. When unchecked, all graphics files will be exported as linked graphics using the INCLUDEPICTURE Word field.
Generate RTF style names automatically - When checked, RTF style names will be generated for any context in which the user has not explicitly requested a user-defined style name or no RTF style name. Refer to Publishing RTF With and Without Using Word Style Names for information on working with style names.
Use built-in list paragraph styles - When checked, RTF style names will be generated for list items that use the built-in list paragraph styles (such as List Bullet, List Bullet 2, List Number, List Number 2, etc.). Style names are determined by the context’s style and name. Refer to Publishing Lists in RTF Files for information on working with lists.
Template file - Specifies the path and file name of a Word template file in RTF format, i.e. a Word template (*.dot file) that has been saved from Word as an RTF file. The specified RTF template will be used when styling contexts exported to RTF when the context is assigned a style name that also is part of the RTF template. Choose Browse to navigate to a template.
If the selected file can be found on the importexportpath, the fully-qualified pathname will be truncated when saved to reflect its location relative to the location initially found on the importexportpath.
This ensures the same process can be followed on the PE server to find the corresponding instance of the RTF template file on the server (which is required for proper declaration of the styles).
If no template file is specified, only the Word styles defined in Arbortext-path\lib\cpix\lib\word-builtin-styles.rtf (or at alternate CPIX directory location referenced by APTIMPORTEXPORTCPIX) will be used.
For the .dot file to be available on the reader's (of the exported document) system, it must be installed in one of the following locations:
The Word Templates directory, as defined in Word options.
The same directory as the Word file that references the .dot template.
If the .dot file is not important to the recipients of the exported RTF file, the formatting properties defined by the RTF version of the .dot file will still be used in the destination file because the formatting properties will be embedded in the stylesheet section of the RTF file.