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Adding Notes to the Translator
The menu item Translation > Add Note in the generated text editor launches the Add Translation Note dialog box, in which you can enter a note to accompany a translation unit. The note will be included in the entry for the translation unit in the XLIFF file exported for translation.
If a note already exists for the translation unit, the menu item and dialog box are titled Edit Note. The menu item is disabled if a translation unit is marked as not scheduled for translation. The translation unit displays an icon The Translation Note icon — a yellow speech box if it has an accompanying note.
Double click the icon to open the Edit Note dialog box.
Use the Delete Note menu item to remove an existing note. The menu item is disabled if there is no note for the translation unit.
If you want to add a note to accompany the translation unit that represents the label part of an element number, ensure that you access the generated text editor via the Advanced Edit button in the numbering dialog. Choose the Translation > Add Note, Translation > Edit Note, or Translation > Delete Note menu options from here. This will keep the note separate from that configured for any other generated text for the same element, which is represented by a second translation unit.