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Converting a Target Language into the Source Language
You may elect to make one of the specified target languages the source language for generated text. Enter the code of the relevant target language in the Source Language field, then remove the same code from Target Languages, or replace it with the code of the original source language. The original source language then becomes a target language, according to the following rules:
1. The action is only permitted if translations for the new target (previously source) language exist, and are current and writable. If this is not the case, you will be prompted to provide the correct translations.
[A23968 Cannot make "es (Spanish)" the source language because it is not completely translated.
2. You are not permitted to set the source and target languages to the same value.
3. If correct translations for the new target language are available, you will be presented with a prompt explaining how the changes will affect your stylesheet:
Changing the source language to "fr (French)".
[A23971] The change will be made in all modules of the stylesheet. The modules in this stylesheet
will not be usable in stylesheets that have a source language other than "fr (French)".
[A23972] The previous source language "en (English)" will no longer be a generated text language.
Then you will be asked to confirm that you want to change the generated text in the stylesheet and its modules to the new source (previously target) language:
[A23974] Removing "en (English)" as the source language. Do you want to remove the "en (English)" translations
for all generated text in all modules?
If you confirm the action, the selected target language becomes the source language and the source language becomes a target language. If you refer to generated text in the stylesheet, you will see that each field contains generated text in the new source (previously target) language.
4. The new language value is validated when you exit the Stylesheet Properties dialog box with the OK button. If the new value of the Source language field is equal to a target language of any module in the stylesheet, you will see a message informing you that the new value for Source language is not valid.
If the new value is valid, you will be prompted again to confirm the action. Click OK to proceed and complete the action.