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Duplicate Translation Unit IDs in Module
This dialog box may display when you elect to add a module to a stylesheet. It contains a message to advise you that one or more translation units in the module have the same IDs as translation units in the stylesheet. This is not permitted. IDs of translation units in a stylesheet must be unique to enable Arbortext Styler to match a translation in an XLIFF file with the correct source generated text in the stylesheet.
Refer to Ensuring Translation Units have Unique IDs in Managing Translation Units for information on how Arbortext Styler ensures translation units have unique IDs.
Click Yes if you wish to continue adding the module to the stylesheet. Arbortext Styler will regenerate the duplicated IDs to make them unique.
Click No to terminate the action.
If you have exported an XLIFF file for the module and there are outstanding translations that have not yet been imported, you will need to import them before having Arbortext Styler regenerate the IDs for the module.